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  • Daniel Conroy

    I have known Robert for years. When I discovered that he began ThruTheLensLLC we met to discuss how he could assist with Land Surveying needs of our company. To help ease my mind I hired him of for a test run of a small nearby project. Things went very well. The next step was using him for a very active site that went very well and served our needs well. Always thinking of how we can use his services with each project. More to come.

  • Ryan

    Excellent work! Professional, easy to work with.

  • Mark Jefferies

    I worked with Robert in China at the Zhenzhou air show. The footage he obtained was perfect for our sponsors and needs.

    Being a major International air show with multiple languages and non aviation public it was very important that briefings and procedures were rigorously adhered to, To prevent unsafe situations. Robert excelled in always being in the right place at the right time fully prepared.

    I can 100% recommend his services.

    Mark Jefferies

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